Northwest Ohio Wind

what it is

In August 2018, CMS Enterprises acquired the Northwest Ohio Wind project from subsidiaries of Starwood Energy Group Global. Final commissioning and commercial operation of the 105-megawatt (MWAC) wind energy park, comprised of 42 wind turbines, was completed in September 2018. The 2.5-MWAC wind turbines are located on 10,000 acres in Ohio’s Paulding County, near Haviland.

impact highlights


With rotors measuring 116 meters in diameter installed on 90-meter towers, the facility’s wind turbines are engineered for efficient energy production.


Northwest Ohio Wind is one of just a few utility-scale wind projects developed, permitted and installed in Ohio, producing about 320,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable energy per year—enough to power approximately 30,000 Ohio homes1.


Northwest Ohio wind will help offset carbon emissions from seven Midwest General Motors plants. The carbon offset is about equivalent to planting more than 6.1 million trees or taking more than 50,000 cars off the road each year2.

1 U.S. Energy Information Administration average monthly residential electric consumption data.
2 According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator.


Northwestern Ohio Wind

The Northwest Ohio Wind project was begun by a small group of Paulding County farmers interested in bringing a wind energy park to life in Spring 2009. Starwood Energy Group Global—a private investment firm based in Greenwich, Conn. that specializes in energy infrastructure investments—purchased project development rights in 2014 and began construction in October 2017.

During construction, Starwood Energy Group Global and CMS Enterprises discussed owning and operating the Northwest Ohio Wind project. In June 2018, CMS Enterprises signed an agreement to procure the project, which included a 15-year renewable energy purchase agreement with General Motors.

The Northwest Ohio Wind project naturally fit with CMS Enterprises’ growing renewable energy portfolio and capabilities, including:

  • Our position as a long-term, successful power plant owner-operator.
  • CMS Enterprises parent CMS Energy’s longstanding relationship with General Motors.
  • Enabling capture of available state and federal tax credits and other benefits.
  • Funding of development costs.
  • Long-term, 15-year renewable energy purchase agreement with General Motors.


After Starwood Energy Group Global (Starwood) completed construction, CMS Enterprises commissioned the Northwest Ohio Wind project. The 10,000-acre farmland area is well suited for wind energy generation and is expected to minimally impact neighbors, wildlife and the environment.

General Electric operates and maintains the Northwest Ohio Wind project on CMS Enterprises’ behalf with oversight from the CMS Enterprises team.

Power generated flows from the wind turbines into American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio’s Haviland Substation and the PJM Interconnection system.


Key goals and results include:

enabling General Motors to use renewable energy to power 20 percent of its facilities globally, demonstrating General Motors’ commitment to meeting its goal of 100 percent renewables by 2050.

adding about $27 million in tax payments to the local community over the life of the project.

contributing about $26 million in landowner payments over the life of the project, in support of the local economy.

employing local professionals and tradespeople (comprising more than 50 percent of the wind park’s workforce) to construct and maintain the facility.